Additional Testimonials in Mays Landing & Linwood, NJ

“I just flew in to see Dr. Nosti and had some work done today. He was able to correct a few problems that other dentists were not able to take care of. I’m a dentist myself and he is the best in the industry. I will only be having my teeth worked on by Dr. Nosti moving forward. The patients in New Jersey are so lucky to have him close by. I highly recommend him. He is the dentist for other dentists!” – Dr. Amanda Sheehan, Diplomate of ICOI, Faculty member for the Misch Institute

“John, I would like to thank you and your staff for a fantastic experience during my recent treatment. As you know, I have been a practicing dentist for the past 26 years. During this time, I have developed many close relationships with former classmates and colleagues. I also know that during the past 25+ years, I am able to recognize what quality dentistry is.

“When I decided to replace my veneers, I knew many options were available to me. Being a dentist, I knew who to ask and I knew what to ask when deciding who I would allow to treat me. While I may have driven past 200 dentists on my two hour drive to your office (realize that is not an exaggerated number in the N.Y./N.J. area) I do not think I would have received the same level of care elsewhere.

“I am so happy that I made this investment in myself and I am so happy to have landed in your office.” – Robert J. Cambria, D.M.D.

“I had a jaw surgery years ago with Dr. Lanzi from Haddonfield. I now live in Brigantine, NJ. So, when I woke up with pain in the right jaw and my teeth moved, I called my dentist, Dr. Donati here in Brigantine. He suggested that I see Dr. Nosti as a TMJ treatment dentist.

I have and continued with Dr. Nosti and experienced professional and knowledgeable Doctor in the field. Also, he fit me in to the schedule so I could be seen right away! Started treatment immediately! My bite is back, no pain and finished treatment. Thank you, Dr. Nosti! I would recommend you to all my friends.”
Gail N.

“For years, I have wanted to restore my smile. Dr. Nosti has not only restored my smile, but also restored my confidence. I haven’t smiled in years, now I feel excited to show my now great smile (and the wonderful compliments a bonus!). Dr. Nosti and his staff are very personable and dedicated to each individual patient. Thank you!” – Loretta

“I suffer with severe TMJ. Not only was I clenching my teeth, I was also biting my tongue in my sleep. In addition to the pain and sleep deprivation, I had already cracked a healthy molar, which had to be removed, and I was in danger of losing my eye tooth. Local dentists were unable to help me, so I found Dr. Nosti online and traveled an hour and a half to meet him. It was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Nosti was professional, thorough and compassionate. He told me he could help me with my TMJ and I would not lose my eye tooth. Meeting Dr. Nosti and the small device he made for treating TMJ were life changing. I am sleeping much better and I am not suffering with constant pain in my mouth. Going to Dr. Nosti’s office is always a positive experience. Every member of his staff is fantastic. Not only are they professional and friendly, on two occasions they delayed their lunch hour to accommodate me. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry.” – Arlene

“Dr. Nosti cared for me as no other dentist ever has, he went above and beyond to help me get to where I needed to be, healing my smile as he and all of the staff healed my heart. Today I smile every day no matter what the day has brought me. Every morning and every night when I brush my teeth I am filled with gratitude for those that have touched my life with this beautiful smile I wear today. Dr. Nosti and his staff are wonderful, and the office environment is great. Please keep up the good work, and I will keep thanking you.” – Diana

“From the moment I walked into the office I knew I would be taken care of by a group of professional, caring staff. Dr. Nosti examined my teeth, and I explained I was there for more advanced work. My regular dentist patched and glued all he could. I was ready to just pull all my teeth out; I was tired of breaking teeth. He took impressions and photographs and asked me to return to discuss what he found. He explained he was well-versed and lectured on bite, and showed me the computer program analysis. My bite was off, so the pressure was breaking my teeth. We discussed my options and worked out a plan for me that would fit my budget. He would do restoration on the top ten of my teeth. I was really nervous. I never invested this much on myself, but I was confident in Dr. Nosti’s ability to give me his best. We started the preparation drilling my old fillings out and getting my teeth ready for the temporaries. After the permanent caps were made, we took the temporary caps off and glued the permanent caps on. I looked at myself in the mirror and began to cry. My smile was beautiful. I am so thankful to all the staff for my beautiful teeth.” – Donna

“In July of 2010 I felt a small ‘explosion’ in my right jaw. Little did I know this was the beginning of severe pain for almost two years. After being diagnosed, I began my long journey to set myself free of this pain. After eleven consultations and many different treatments, with no success, someone recommended Dr. Nosti. At first I was skeptical, but my pain kept driving me to try just one more professional. During Dr. Nosti’s evaluation he said he thought he could help me without braces or surgery. I began my treatment, and after a short time I finally was able to give up the pain killers and live normally. On my final visit I told Dr. Nosti how grateful I was for his care, and I truly am.” – G. H.

“I cannot thank you and your staff enough for helping me become a beautiful and confident bride on my wedding day! All of my friends and family were overwhelmed with my beautiful smile. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for being so courteous, flexible and professional through the entire process.” – Natasha

“I used to be a dull guy…or at least my teeth and smile were. Then a close friend suggested I speak with Dr. Nosti. I was impressed from the initial consultation. Dr. Nosti explained in detail what he could do for my smile, how the procedure would be done, and how much it would cost. Once the decision was made, Dr. Nosti and his capable staff at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry made the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. Because I traveled a long distance to get to the dental office, over an hour one-way, the staff worked hard to make sure the appointments fit into my busy schedule…they even saw me over the weekend.

“The results were remarkable. My teeth and smile are perfect. I cannot believe the before and after pictures. I never imagined the difference would be so significant. I am confident in my appearance and no longer avoid smiling when someone wants to take a picture. Thank you, Dr. Nosti!” – Mark S.

“Ever since I can remember, my smile was something that I had always been self-conscious about, and it reflected in pictures I had taken or social situations I was in. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Nosti because she knew how unhappy I was with my smile and she told me he was the doctor I needed to see.

“When I was younger, I had surgery and braces to correct my bite. I was told that my smile would be something to be proud of when the braces where off, however, I was very disappointed with the outcome. Knowing what I had already been through Dr. Nosti took the time to explain my options and told me I could see my smile on models before we started. Even after he showed me my smile, I was still apprehensive and waited several months before starting treatment due to my previous fears.

“When it was time for my final appointment, Dr. Nosti’s staff assured me I was going to look even better than I had already did since I was only in temporaries. They were right! It almost brought tears to my eyes when Dr. Nosti handed the mirror to me and I saw my new smile. Thank you, Dr. Nosti and staff, once again for giving me the smile I always wanted.” – Janice

“I first went to Dr. Nosti’s office to discuss the appearance of my teeth. I had seen some smiles he had transformed and was hoping he could do the same for me. After my first exam it became quickly obvious that Dr. Nosti was not the average dentist. He asked me questions about my teeth and did an exam unlike any dentist had done before. He suspected I suffered from headaches before I could even tell him.

“After several appointments Dr. Nosti came up with a plan that would give me the new smile I wanted, take care of the chewing problems that I had, and get rid of my headaches.

“For the first time in my life people are telling me what a nice smile I have. I am absolutely thrilled with how much better I chew and how my headaches are gone. Who knew that teeth could make such a big difference in someone’s life? Thank you Dr. Nosti and staff for your professionalism, thoroughness, and my new smile.” – Mark

Full-mouth2“After years of wear and neglect, Dr. Noveck completely restored my dental health with a systematic and comprehensive approach. He coordinated the restoration with dental surgeons and spent countless hours in planning a complete makeover. There was never a time when I didn’t have complete confidence in his ability, care and treatment. He even made himself available for those unforeseen emergencies when his office was closed. A more caring professional would be difficult to find. His skill and dedication to his profession is worthy of the highest accolades. Nothing less than perfection is acceptable to Dr. Noveck. I now can smile again and not be embarrassed about my dental appearance.”
F. O.

“Due to some poor dental care in my youth, I had to have a good number of my upper teeth pulled back in the 1960’s. So at the age of 19, before I even met my husband, I had to start wearing an upper denture. I got used to it over the years but it was always in the back of my mind that I’d like to get rid of it someday.

“Now my husband and I have been retired for 15 years. We live and travel fulltime all over North America in our RV, so finding good doctors and dentists can be a challenge. Since New Jersey used to be home my sister in law suggested we park the RV for a few months and go see her dentist Dr. Noveck. She had been using him for years and spoke very highly of him.

“Recently on our way north from Florida I lost a filling in my front tooth. That was the impetus I needed so when we reached New Jersey I called Dr. Noveck’s office and made an appointment.

“From my very first visit I knew I had made a good choice. Every member of the staff, from the first person I met, the receptionist Debbie, on up to Dr. Noveck, was very friendly and welcoming. It felt like I’d been a patient for years.

“When I explained my lifestyle and added that I had always wanted to be rid of the denture but that kind of work didn’t seem to fit in to my schedule, Dr. Noveck was not even rattled. He invited me back in a week and said he could draw up a couple of plans. True to his word when I returned a week later Dr. Noveck was armed with two comprehensive plans for me to choose from and both included getting rid of my antique denture. That was in April. As the work progressed it only got better and better. Dr. Noveck was always aware of my limited time schedule and he always seemed to be one step ahead of the game in modifying and executing what needed to be done. He is highly skilled, meticulous and extremely artistically talented at what he does. He is supported by a pleasant, down to earth, professional staff.

“The best part of my story is that in June on my 67th birthday I walked out of Dr. Noveck’s office with my old denture in a plastic baggie and my new smile on my face. For the first time ever my husband of 46 years saw me without a denture. He was almost as happy as I was. I am so pleased with the work Dr. Noveck did. I’m still amazed at how and what he managed to accomplish in the time frame. He definitely puts his patients welfare first.

“And most of all I finally have that smile I should have had when I was 21 years old!

“Thank you for changing my life and fulfilling a lifelong dream Dr. Noveck!” – Betsy

“I had terrible problems with my teeth, until Dr. Noveck came to the rescue. Then my dental nightmare evolved into a ‘Hollywood smile.’ The crowns and bridgework that Dr. Noveck created for me is so natural looking that no one guesses my front teeth are not my own, or that I have anything but perfect teeth. And, best of all, I can chew without pain. My only regret is that I didn’t have my cosmetic dental work done years earlier.” – Marilyn

“Dear Dr. Noveck and Staff: Well after many, many sessions at your office, my entire smile and confidence level about it has now been completely restored! As you know, I am in the people business and image is important. Now when I speak in public or in general, I focus purely on the message, and not the appearance of my mouth. What a great feeling that is! My sincerest appreciation to you, Doc, for being so patient during my reconstruction. In addition to your gentle and kind approach, you were always open to my questions and calmed my fears along the way. Better yet, the team initiative that you have formed with Neil Zachs, makes you the best kept secret in South Jersey. You can be certain that I refer anyone who asks about the ‘smile’ directly to you. Having said all of this, please accept my sincere thanks. Of course, Pat, Lisa and Terry are keepers, too!

“See you at cleaning time!” – Tina

“I was preparing to leave the country for a major business opportunity and wanted to have cosmetic dental work done right away. After being told by several people that for the best cosmetic work I would need to go to NYC, and since my trip was fast approaching, I decided to check out Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Linwood for a consultation. I quickly realized after my consultation with Dr. Noveck that I ‘came to the right place.’ In a couple of weeks, I walked out of AC&GD with a full set of porcelain veneers that were beyond my expectations. When someone comments on my smile now, I tell them there’s no need to travel to the ‘Big Apple.’ Just go see Dr. Noveck and his team of professionals at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry. By the way, I not only made my trip abroad in time, but also closed on one of my biggest projects thanks to them.” – John, Regional Vice President, ISS Facility Services

“I was recently experiencing a painful and annoying condition and I did not know why. My teeth were starting to get very sensitive. My upper and lower molars were beginning to wear down and my lower molars were even starting to really hurt when chewing food and gum. My current dentist would constantly scold me for grinding my teeth. He even made me a plastic mouthpiece to wear at nighttime to prevent me from grinding my teeth. But this did not solve the problem, and only gave me more grief and discomfort. Although he is a very nice guy, my current dentist was unaware of the real problem at hand and did not seem willing or able to resolve it as the condition of my teeth got worse. I needed help and a second opinion. After a brief online search this past summer, I recently discovered Dr. Noveck and the outstanding team at the office of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Linwood, NJ. What an amazing discovery this has been.

“After the initial consultation, Dr. Noveck was able to instantaneously identify and diagnose my condition and provide solutions. Incredible! I felt so relieved!! Ironically, Dr. Noveck, actually knew of my condition without me even telling him of my symptoms. He is that good!! Apparently I have a severe case of acid reflux, and as a result, the outer enamel on my teeth has been slowly eroding away. Dr. Noveck knew this and my previous dentist did not. Dr. Noveck then immediately recommended a course of action. Dr. Noveck gave me new teeth, fixed the sensitivity and pain issues, gave me a great smile and some confidence back. My acid reflux is now under control with the proper treatment thanks to Dr. Noveck. He and his team did an outstanding job and continue to do so. He seems to really show concern and compassion for his patients and provides great follow-up as well. I am really satisfied with his excellent work, ability and expertise in the dental field, and his concern for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Noveck and his team for any dental work. He is incredible! Thank you for all you have done and for what you are doing. My hat’s off to you!” – George

“A year and a half ago I became a patient of Dr. Noveck. I came to him with many dental problems that were the cause of mistreatment by my former dentist. I had two fractured teeth under a newly fabricated bridge. The treatment developed for me by Dr. Noveck was such that I would never find myself missing all my lower right teeth. I needed three dental implants. Since the treatment time was between three to six months, he saw to it that I always had some kind of chewing ability during that healing period. I now possess a full complement of teeth and my lower right side is functioning perfectly. My total experience was very satisfactory. He takes a lot of pride in work that is done well. I certainly would recommend him to anyone.” – Erica

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Noveck’s office for roughly 25 years. Every time I went for a cleaning, Dr. Noveck and the staff were concerned about my teeth and suggested I get them fixed. About 18 months ago, I decided it was time. After the prep work, I was nervous about being in the ‘chair’ for such a long period of time, fearing that I would experience pain and be uncomfortable. When I arrived for my appointment, my fears disappeared. The staff was awesome! Everyone was very accommodating, and I experienced no pain whatsoever! The compliments are still coming, and I smile more because I am not self-conscious any longer and I feel better about myself. I look at the before and after pictures and wonder why I didn’t have this done sooner.” – K. G.

“On my first visit to the office, I was very nervous since many dentists in the past had told me veneers would be too much work and too expensive. They would not even discuss options with me. It is very humiliating to be in this position. Pat was the first person I met at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry, and she was so welcoming and pleasant. Right off the bat she let me know that she and Terry had both been with Dr. Noveck for more than 15 years and all their patients are like family.

“It was then time to see Dr. Noveck. He was very mild mannered. He gave me a thorough exam, which included very closeup photographs. This was an extremely difficult process for me considering I wouldn’t even pose with my family for a picture. Never once did Dr. Noveck make me feel bad for the condition of my teeth. He was compassionate and very positive about my dreams of having a bright smile. Not only did he say he could help me, but he could give me a smile in time for my daughter’s wedding. We had a lot of work to do, but he could do it. I was excited to get a new smile and also set my husband up for a consultation. Now we both have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Noveck & the staff at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry of South Jersey!” – Kass

“Dr. Noveck – I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the excellent outcome of the recent cosmetic dentistry procedure you performed on me. Your meticulous attention to detail and thoroughness gave me all the confidence to know that the end result would be first class. Thank you once again.” – Rich

“Dear Dr. Noveck, I just wanted to give you a sincere thanks for the great service and professionalism you and your staff have provided me over the years. Having extensive work on my front teeth has enabled me to have renewed confidence in my career field which involves a lot of public speaking. I have received many compliments on my ‘great smile’ wherever I go.” – Wilbur

“I had been wanting to have cosmetic dentistry performed since before my late husband, also a dentist, passed away, but kept putting it off. Subsequently, I was recommended to Dr. Milton Noveck, whose office staff put one at ease immediately.

“Dr. Noveck explained the entire procedure and what I could expect in terms of discomfort (almost non-existent) and the time schedule from visit #1 to completion of the work. I actually looked forward to my visits, which is most unusual as I am not the bravest of patients. The end results surpassed even my expectations, as family and friends raved about my final look. I can’t thank Dr. Noveck and staff enough, and my personal recommendations would be at the highest level.” – B. K.

“My wife Sondra and I have been patients of Dr. Milton Noveck for the past few years after moving to the shore full time. We chose him after hearing many good recommendations and checking out his credentials. Our experience with Dr. Noveck, from the simplest checkups to serious reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, has shown Dr. Noveck to be a true professional who is very skilled in what he does and really cares about his patients. This results in really beautiful work – we are proud of our smiles! We never felt rushed by him and his staff, could comfortably ask whatever questions we had about treatment, and enjoyed a positive experience during each visit. Just as many others have done, we can recommend Dr. Milton Noveck without hesitation.” – Norm & Sondra

“Dr. Noveck sold me on the idea of having major cosmetic dental work done after showing me a mold of how my teeth would look. I was concerned about how many office visits I would need but Dr. Noveck arranged his schedule to accommodate me so I could have all the prep work done in one day. In a matter of weeks I was finished. I felt like a million bucks when I saw the end result of all that work. I am still 100% satisfied and have had no problems at all.” – George

“Dr. Noveck spoke to me many times over the past few years about fixing my front upper teeth. Two of my teeth were capped and they were nowhere close to the color of my other teeth and they were over 25 years old. In February 2004, I finally gave in and had my front six teeth fixed with veneers. What a difference! My teeth are finally all the same color and they feel great. Many of my friends and family have commented on how I smile more than I did before and how great my smile now looks. Thanks, Dr. Noveck for keeping after me about this, and for the terrific job you did!
Thanks again,” – Marge

“Hi, my name is Dawn Weber. I have always been afraid of the dentist, but my experience with Dr. Noveck was awesome. Before my cosmetic work, due to an illness I had, I did not like to smile. Thanks to Dr. Noveck and his professional staff, I now smile with confidence and assurance.” – Dawn

“I started coming to Dr. Katz in 1985 because of their slogan ‘We Cater To Cowards.’ All these years later I am still a patient, not for the same reason but because of the friendly and professional staff and because Dr. Katz is so personable, he makes you feel at ease, yet is very serious about his work.” – Ceil

“At the age of 17 a car hit me and my two front teeth were knocked out. I received a plate and used it until I was around 45 years of age. I had a dentist make a new plate; however, it was a terrible fit and I chose not to wear the plate. A co-worker mentioned Dr. Noveck to me and I immediately made an appointment. He said he would be able to construct new front teeth without any type of surgery. I was delighted. What a change this would be in my life. It has been two years since my front teeth were replaced and I truly wish this correction had been done a long time ago. I can eat anything I want and I have more self-confidence!!!! I truly want to thank Dr. Noveck, and his wonderful staff for a great job. I will continue to see them, as I am very happy with their great work.” – Kathy

“Thanks to Dr. Noveck and his great staff for my new look. People who haven’t seen me in a while ask if I’ve lost weight or done something different with my hair. Having a nicer smile has improved my whole appearance. My mouth and gums feel cleaner and healthier, thanks to Dr. Noveck’s overall professional approach. Old fillings, caps, and bridgework were replaced in addition to all the cosmetic work. Best of all, I lost my dental phobia in the process due to the wonderful care I received. I love my new smile!” – Patricia

“For the longest time, I hated my teeth. I had heard about Dr. Noveck from a close friend who had some work done by him. I decided to go for a consultation. Dr. Noveck was so patient and attentive to all of my needs. I decided to go ahead with the procedure and I couldn’t be happier. My teeth look beautiful and I am proud to show them off now.” – Stephanie

“The past few years I have been wearing a bite plate at night to help alleviate the grinding of my teeth. During one of my bi-annual checkups, the dental hygienist mentioned the wear on my teeth and that they were rapidly wearing down. During the check-up with Dr. Noveck I was asked if I had headaches, although I didn’t have headaches, I always woke up with congestion in my head, like a sinus infection. Another symptom I suffered was not getting a full night’s sleep. I woke up intermittently throughout the night. Dr. Noveck’s recommendation was a tech-scan procedure that would eliminate the bite guard at night and help reduce the wear on my teeth.

“After consideration, I decided to go ahead and have the procedure performed. At my appointment I didn’t really know what to expect. Immediately it was determined by Dr. Noveck that I would need an occlusal adjustment.

“The results following the procedure have been wonderful – I’m not grinding my teeth all day long. I no longer have to wear the bite plate at night. The best part is I no longer wake up with congestion, sinus symptoms in my head and I finally sleep through the night. Dr. Noveck and his assistant showed remarkable patience with me during the entire procedure.” – Kim

“Dear Dr. Noveck, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for restoring my smile’s appearance, which I had been lacking for many years. Before you worked your magic, I would look in a mirror or at photographs and see someone who appeared to have no teeth, simply because they were so badly worn that they didn’t show when I would smile. I was skeptical to say the least, when you said, ‘I can fix that.’ But after many hours in the chair and 27 caps later, I now have a bright natural smile, which has improved my appearance and boosted my self-confidence.” – Dan

“Before becoming Dr. Noveck’s patient, I had been going to a local dentist for many years. I was always nervous about going to the dentist since I had a bad experience with a specific novacaine as a child. My old dentist who did lots of dental work on me always made fun of the fact that I was so nervous. I would also hear him making sarcastic remarks about his other patients. Well, I had quite a lot of work done by my old dentist and the last bridge was located in the front and very visible. He did a terrible job. The bridge looked horrible and so fake looking! The fit was not good and the color was not what I chose and even though I was not satisfied and had spent lots of money with his office over the years, he did not care and wouldn’t even correct the fit.

“I heard about Dr. Noveck from one of my neighbors and she showed me his dental work. I couldn’t even tell she had a bridge. Dr. Noveck re-did the bridge work for me and I can tell you it is beautiful! Dr. Noveck is so talented and caring. Now when I go to the dentist I have confidence in my dentist and I am not nervous at all. He and his staff always make you feel so welcomed and comfortable. Give Dr. Noveck’s office a call for a consultation. You will be so glad you did!” – Cathy

“I had issues with my teeth and gums ever since I can remember. I tried never to show my teeth when I smiled. I have to tell you that has changed dramatically. I now wonder if I am smiling too much, just to show off the beautiful smile I have now, thanks to you. You gave me so many choices as to what I could do, and offered your advice when asked. I spent many many hours in your office and must say that I was always treated so well, made comfortable and you always explained what the next step was and how we would be proceeding.

I often give seminars for my business and now feel more confident because I am very proud to show my pearly whites. I have had so many wonderful compliments on my new smile. Everyone who knew me before is amazed at the difference in the way I look. If ever you have a patient that has any questions about the process, I would be happy to talk to them and let them know that coming to you is the best decision they could make. Thank you!” – Lisa

“I had been very unhappy with my smile for many years. I went to my dentist on a regular basis and I had a lot of dental work done over the years. It all looked unnatural and a lot of the crowns and bonding I had were bulky, dark and discolored, and nothing seemed to match! I just wanted nice white teeth that looked natural where everything was the same shade. I wanted to be able to smile without being self-conscious about my smile.

“I started asking people if they knew any dentists in our area that were capable of complete smile makeovers or reconstruction-type dental work. The more I asked around, the more I kept hearing about Dr. Noveck. I made an appointment and I am so grateful and so thrilled that I did. From the minute I arrived in Dr. Noveck’s office I knew I made the right choice. The staff was very warm and friendly. Dr. Noveck listened to all of my concerns and spent a lot of time with me explaining what needed to be done. He also showed me many before-and-after pictures of patients whom he has treated.

“I completed treatment of all my upper teeth several months ago. I am so happy. I love how it all looks and I can’t stop smiling. Everybody tells me how great I look and that I look younger. When my husband Steve saw what Dr. Noveck did for me, he decided he wanted to fix his teeth also. His teeth had worn down over the years and became very short and he was not happy with his smile either.

“He had it done too and all I can say is that he is just as thrilled as I am. Not only that, but he feels like his bite is much more even and comfortable now. He and I were so impressed by how meticulous Dr. Noveck is. We both have gotten so many compliments from our friends and family. We both want to thank Dr. Noveck and his staff for all the great care we have received and encourage anyone looking for great cosmetic or comprehensive dental work to make an appointment with Dr. Noveck.” – Maria

“I have been a patient of Dr. Noveck for about five years. Last year, I decided to have cosmetic and reconstructive work performed that was long overdue. I could write volumes, but the fact is Dr. Noveck is a true perfectionist. I would not have trusted the work to any other dentist. I am satisfied to the point of being amazed. My wife and friends all share the same reaction.

“Dr. Noveck aims to please. He is also a down-to-earth doctor who will take all the time necessary to explain everything in detail, and put any patient at ease. He is as sincere as any doctor I have ever met, and is an excellent listener. In addition, the entire staff is very competent and friendly. My thanks go out to Dr. Noveck. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” – Bill

To make an appointment, call 609.625.3499 (Mays Landing), 609.927.8448 (Linwood) or click here to request an appointment online.