Children’s Dentistry in Mays Landing & Linwood, NJ

Family Dentistry - Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

From age 3 to 93, we’ll take care of you and your family

We provide dental services for all the family and have the knowledge and experience to help patients of all ages. Different age groups experience different dental issues and we know what to look out for.

Our dentists have considerable advanced training and many years of experience. You’ll find our doctors and staff very friendly, caring and attentive. They will always take the time to listen to your concerns, explain procedures and answer any questions.

Friendly, calm care for your children

It’s our goal to help your young children get used to the dentist at a relatively early age. We make them feel comfortable and at ease, and don’t push dental work on them. They learn that it can be enjoyable and even fun to visit the dentist. This sets them up for a lifetime of good dental habits.

Our dentists build relationships with the children. Usually in the first visit of a young child they just get to know them and get them used to the office, such as showing the kids their dental instruments, playing with the mirror, and looking at their mouth and counting their teeth.

At what age should I bring my child in to see the dentist?

We like to start seeing children at about three years old. At this age we can see if there are any issues that need to be taken care of. But whatever the age, if your child hasn’t been to the dentist yet, we would love to see him or her. We’ll make sure your child is comfortable and get him or her on the route to a lifetime of good oral health.

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