High-Tech Dentistry in Mays Landing & Linwood, NJ

Our doctors use the latest advancements in dental technology to bring you higher-quality dental treatment. Each of the devices featured in our office make procedures more efficient, comfortable and effective. Read below for the various high-tech tools we use in our office.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - T-scan Bite Analysis - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryT-scan bite analysis

    The T-scan is a small handheld device that uses a digital sensor to measure the forces and balance of a bite. It connects to a computer, and as the patient bites down on the sensor, it displays a graphic representation of their bite. This is a vital tool used for balancing the bite, and few practices in the area have this software. A poor bite can cause teeth wear and jaw joint problems. With the T-Scan, our doctors can evaluate the condition of your bite and determine how to balance it.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - BioPAK TMJ Analysis - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryBioPAK

    The BioPAK is a TMJ treatment device that analyzes the jaw joint, and tracks the movement using digital sensors. It is a comfortable and easy procedure that creates accurate diagnostic information about the condition and overall health of your jaw joint. Our doctors can use this device to determine any issues with your bite alignment.


Laser Dentistry

Our office features a variety of advanced dental lasers to increase the quality and timeliness of certain dental procedures. Dental lasers are precise and safe, gentle, and even speed up healing time while also reducing post-treatment discomfort. We use dental lasers for a variety of procedures, including cosmetic gum work, gum disease treatment, and to even treat chronic pain caused by TMJ disorder.

Picasso Diode LaserPicasso Diode Laser

Our doctors use the Picasso diode laser for various cosmetic and gum disease procedures, including gum recontouring, crown lengthening, removal of infected gum tissue, and for cleaning out deep pockets. The Picasso laser also eliminates bacteria as it works to help with gum disease management. It causes no pain and decreases or prevents bleeding and recovery time. This laser can also be used for advanced methods of teeth whitening.

Versawave LaserVersaWave Erbium Laser

The VersaWave Erbium laser is an advanced laser that allows for minimally invasive, no-drill, esthetic dentistry applications. The laser is specially designed for patient comfort, and it is quiet and implements a water-cooling system. The VersaWave allows our doctors to perform advanced treatments in teeth preparation procedures (veneers, crowns and bridges), gum disease treatment, root canals and more.

Multi-Lock Cold LaserMulti-lock cold laser

Recent studies have shown that MLS cold laser therapy can be used to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes, reduce pain, and treat TMJ disorder. The laser gently and safely uses laser light to penetrate tissue, where it then interacts with biological structures and stimulates the cells. Dr. John Nosti uses the MLS laser to treat TMJ and reduce pain, accelerate tissue repair and cell growth, improve vascular system activity, increase metabolic processes, increase wound healing times, and much more!


  • Digital X-raysDigital X-rays

    Digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than conventional film X-rays. They also produce images much faster, and allow our doctors to examine fine details such as early forming cavities. Digital X-rays can be displayed on a computer monitor in seconds, allowing our doctors to quickly show patients any problematic areas.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Ultrasonic Scaler - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryUltrasonic Scalers

    Ultrasonic scalers are handheld devices that use high-frequency vibrations to break down hard buildup, such as plaque and tartar, that accumuates on the tooth surface. Our hygienists use ultrasonic scalers because they are more comfortable, effective and efficient than traditional hand scalers and fully adjustable for sensitive teeth.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Intraoral Camera - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryIntraoral cameras

    Intraoral cameras are used to show patients a detailed view inside their mouth. These are small handheld cameras that send digital images to a computer screen for fast and convenient viewing. Our doctors will regularly use the intraoral camera during an oral exam to help identify any problem areas. It can also be a helpful tool for treatment planning and patient education.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Digital Photography - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryDigital Photography

    When planning a cosmetic case, our doctors will use digital cameras to take high-resolution images of your smile. These images are especially helpful when planning the overall aesthetics of your smile makeover, or full-mouth reconstruction.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Electric Handpiece - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryElectric handpieces

    Our doctors use electric handpieces to make routine dental procedures a quieter and more relaxing experience. Electric handpieces also increase the efficiency and thoroughness of certain procedures compared to the traditional drill. This results in shortened procedure times which means less time you spend in the dental chair.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Arestin Therapy - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryArestin Antibiotic Therapy

    Arestin antibiotic therapy is often applied to your gum pockets after a deep cleaning to ensure that bacteria is completely eliminated. Arestin is a time-released topical antibiotic that targets gum disease-causing bacteria that reside deep in your gums. Overall, the treatment can help reduce the likelihood of developing gum disease in the future.

  • High-Tech Dentistry - Kor Whitening - Advanced Cosmetic DentistryKöR Whitening

    The KöR teeth whitening system effectively whitens your smile with a powerful bleaching formula, resulting in a smile that is beautiful, healthy and natural looking. Effective even on dark-stained teeth, KöR causes little to no sensitivity to your teeth because of its special formula. The results are permanent, and the process is comfortable and easy. The KöR teeth whitening is safe and effective for those over 14 years of age.

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