Patient Testimonials in Mays Landing & Linwood, NJ

Dr FamerOver the last few years it became evident that I needed a dental makeover. My teeth were worn down, and the progression was getting worse in my mid-fifties.
But who was I going to let do it? I am a dentist that practices half the country away in Kansas and I work with Dr. Nosti in Continuing Education and I knew his attention to detail, his eye for smile design and his unparalleled experience with making the teeth function well and in harmony with the entire system. He also uses a world class dental lab that has the rare ability to make teeth look like teeth and not chicklets.
So I chose to travel to New Jersey twice to have him do my makeover/rehabilitation. I could not be happier with my smile and the way my teeth function. My jaw joints are healthier, my facial muscles are more relaxed AND I look arguably 10 years younger.

Dr. Eric Farmer DDS
Wichita, KS

Dr. Farmer before and after

Dr. Woodward

“Over the last few years, I had noticed a significant amount of wear on my anterior (front) teeth. I was aware that I was a “teeth grinder”. My wife constantly complained how disturbing my habit could be. I began to become more self-conscious about how worn my teeth were becoming. My teeth were becoming shorter and flatter. It felt as though it was giving me a more aged appearance. Subconsciously, my self-esteem was beginning to suffer. As a dentist, I knew I needed to act before things became painful.

I become acquainted with Dr. Nosti while attending his Clinical Mastery Series lectures. He is a highly regarded dental lecturer, and a frequent contributor to numerous dental journals about treating complex dental cases. During our courses, I learned so much about complex dental issues. I was impressed with Dr. Nosti’s experience and attention to detail. His extensive library of before and after pictures, provided me with a glimpse of how awesome things could be.

I knew that I eventually needed to have my dental issues addressed. As a dentist, I was busy and put my dental needs on the back burner. One day, we were doing some photography training at my office. I volunteered to be the subject, so my staff could get practice taking a series of photos to share with our patients. After seeing my photos and hearing my teams comments about my old looking teeth, I decided it was time to do something. There was only one person who I would trust to do my case. I contacted Dr. Nosti and told him I was ready restore my smile.

I cannot say enough about the experience of working with Dr. Nosti. From the planning stage to the cementation of the crowns, everything was handled so professionally. With his experience, he knew the questions to ask. Things that I hadn’t even thought about were discussed. I am beyond satisfied with how things turned out. Not only was my smile restored, but so with my confidence.

Having gone through the process, I am even more comfortable discussing this with my own patients now. I am even more passionate about helping my patients the same way Dr. Nosti helped me. I will forever be indebted to Dr. Nosti for so many things!!”

Dr. Nathan Woodward DDS, Forsyth, MO

Rich TirimaccoI had a good experience starting with the front desk staff, and the dental assistant. You made my wish come true. I can play my trombone again, in the band.
I would recommend Dr. Nosti to all. Have a happy healthy New Year.

— Richard

“I went to see Dr. Nosti because I realized my TMD was not going to resolve itself. When it started to interrupt sleep, I realized I needed to see someone with the confidence that he had, the experience that he had to make me feel like the permanent changes I was about to make to my smile were going to be effective. I really got that confidence when I was working with his team.

“As a side benefit, I really like how my smile looks. I feel like I still look like myself, but now I get a lot of compliments on my smile and I couldn’t be happier about that. I just really appreciate what his team did for me.

“In fact, I flew in from Seattle to see him out in New Jersey and I have no regrets for the time that we spent doing that. I feel like we have a really good result.”

— Kailee

Dr Famer

“Being a Dentist, It is not easy to trust your your teeth in hands of another dentist. But from the Day 1, Dr. Nosti is very knowledgeable, Patient, Gentle, Caring and Compassionate. I wanted to get Veneers done on my front teeth as they are chipping and wearing down. I am very nervous and picky how I wanted my teeth to look and I am not an easy Patient to work on. After a lot of research, I chose to see Dr. Nosti. I am very happy and pleased with my Smile and his perfectionism to minute details. I would highly recommend Dr. Nosti to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Dr. Vishali Aygari, DMD

“After years of bad dentistry, grinding and personal misuse of my teeth, I was embarrassed to show my teeth when smiling. From the moment you walk in the door at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry you are greeted with smiles and courtesy. I can’t say enough about the quality and care Dr. Nosti and his staff put into reforming my smile.

“Dr. Nosti did a full-mouth rehabilitation for me and the procedure was painless and the results outstanding. Prior to this procedure I was always hesitant to smile. It’s amazing how much of a difference being able to smile confidently changes a person. Thank you, Dr. Nosti and staff, for giving me the opportunity to be confident in my smile again.”

— Dan

Joann K

“Dr. Nosti was an angel sent to me from heaven. At the time I met Dr. Nosti, I was actually seeing two different dentists. Different dental work was being done on my teeth and the more work that was done, the more displeased I became.

“After all the time, energy and money spent, I started to inquire if my friends could recommend anyone. A dear friend recommended her dentist—Dr. Nosti. The rest is history. I never thought I could take care of my dental work and have beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile at the same time!!!

“I cannot thank Dr. Nosti enough for being compassionate, meticulous, professional and doing the work he did for me. I would also like to thank his family for allowing him to be so devoted to his work and patients. Without their support I would not have been able to have a dentist with such expertise and devotion.”

— Joann

Anatoliy Ravin, DDS, FAGD

“It has been an honor and privilege to be a patient of Dr. John Nosti. Having been practicing dentistry myself for nearly two decades, I have an inside perspective on everything involved—before, during and after. I could offer nothing but consistent praise to both Dr. Nosti and his team for an outstanding performance they achieve daily. What sets him apart is his personality, knowledge and ability to deliver.

“I have been fortunate enough to experience constant attention, comfort, compassion and care from Dr. Nosti and his team 24/7. It is hard to overemphasize the power of his touch, smile, and kind word when it’s needed. Dr. Nosti is always there throughout the treatment to give you a listening ear, an honest compliment and a constant act of caring that puts you at ease knowing you’re in good, capable and, most importantly, truly caring hands.

“Having done dentistry for two decades, I know that the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Look no further—Dr. Nosti is a perfect example of that! He is a rare gem—passionate, caring and truly professional and he delivers outstanding care, day in and day out.”

— Anatoliy Ravin, DDS, FAGD


Dave, Planet Fitness

“I had always been self-conscious about my teeth and my smile. Being a businessman I wanted my smile to be as impressive as my suit and my portfolio. I wanted to be able to greet new people with a confident hand shake and full smile. I decided an investment in my smile with Dr. Nosti was an important step in advancing my career.

“Dr. Nosti has literally transformed my life. I have looked back at photographs taken prior to having my smile makeover done by Dr. Nosti, and what I notice most is that my smile never appeared to be a full-hearted grin. Now I smile with confidence and make every effort to show my teeth as much as possible.

“I wish I had taken this step many years earlier as it was a simple, painless and quick process to complete. The payoff for me was enormous and immediate and I fully recommend a smile makeover by Dr. Nosti for anyone wishing to open themselves up to all the world has to offer!”


Jonathan Abenaim, DMD DICOI

Jonathan Abenaim, DMD DICOI

“As a cosmetic and implant dentist myself, I decided that it was time that my teeth look as spectacular as the teeth I created for my patients. I decided to have no preparation, minimally invasive veneers. So I sought out the best to perform the procedure for me. The best was 3 hours away, and the best was Dr. John Nosti. His attention to detail, precision and perfection is what made me chose him as my cosmetic dentist. My teeth look spectacular and no one, not even dentists, can tell I had something done. If you are looking for a natural, spectacular smile that will stay with you with years to come, Dr. Nosti is the man. His dedication to education and technology is very apparent the second you meet him and his staff. You owe it to yourself to have him perform your smile makeover.”

Jonathan Abenaim, DMD DICOI



“Having worked in the dental field for more that 30 years, I have heard many good things from the patients that I come in contact from Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry. I had a tooth extracted and opted to have an implant. Dr. Nosti did the implant and I found him very competent and knowledgeable. The outcome was excellent to the point where I’m not sure which tooth is the implant. The atmosphere in office was extremely pleasant and I had a very good all around experience starting with the front desk people to the dental assistance in the back and ending with Dr. Nosti. I would highly recommend Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry to all my friends.”



“I had an overall great experience with the office. It is a very friendly and comfortable environment. The doctors are compassionate and knowledgeable, while the staff are friendly, caring and comforting. I know that everyone in this office has a genuine care and concern for each and every patient that walks through the door. All treatments I have received have been thorough, pleasant and of course helpful.

Dr. Nosti is compassionate and knowledgeable. He is sincere in his work and makes me feel comfortable while receiving treatment. I had my old silver fillings changed to white fillings, and my TMJ pain was resolved with treatment received by Dr. Nosti. He is the best!!”



“In early 2008, I was having severe mouth pain when opening and closing my mouth, chronic aching, etc. At the time, I was treating with another dentist, and he believed it might be a problem related to TMJ. He said that my problem should go away on its own. Obviously, it didn’t. I was in severe pain all the time, couldn’t sleep, and had trouble chewing. Sometimes my mouth would freeze in the open or closed position, and I was losing weight from not being able to eat correctly. I couldn’t continue to live this way. I needed another opinion, and I heard from a former coworker that Dr. Nosti was one of the best.

“First of all, Dr. Nosti actually believed that I was in pain. My former dentist didn’t, which made me feel like I was a bit crazy! Dr. Nosti treated me conservatively at first, trying several various options (night guard, medication, readjusting my bite, etc.). He also suggested an MRI of my mouth, which no other dentist ever did. The results showed injury, most likely from a severe automobile accident I was in over 20 years ago. I was willing to try anything. Unfortunately, the conservative treatment didn’t work, and Dr. Nosti referred me to a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon, and I eventually had a TMJ arthroscopy performed at Cooper Health System.

“Within weeks, I felt so much better. I then went back to Dr. Nosti who performed a total rehab of my mouth; and this helped with my bite. What I like best is that my teeth look natural, and my pain is gone. Most people who have total rehab of their mouth look like they have a mouth full of too white chicklets! All of the staff, from the Office Manager, Cathy, to the technicians were always so helpful. It was a very emotional time for me with the pain, and they were like my therapists. I will never forget the kindness they showed me. I am no longer in pain, and have beautiful teeth. I receive so many compliments!”



“We all have things that we are self-conscious of, it’s human nature. Not one person can say that they wouldn’t change something about themselves if they had the opportunity to. For me, and for many people, it’s your smile. I was always self-conscious about my teeth. I would constantly look at pictures with friends and family, but all I would see was my teeth.

Brienna_teeth“As a little girl, I always dreamed of what my wedding day would be like. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man that asked for my hand in marriage. We found a beautiful venue on the beach and our dream wedding was coming together nicely. Everything was going to be perfect, except my smile. Then I met Dr. Nosti who told me he could make my dream come true with porcelain veneers only four months before the big day. I was nervous to say the least. Was that enough time? What if they don’t look natural? Dr. Nosti eased all my fears. His knowledge and professionalism made me confident that I had made the right choice. He was so supportive and caring through the entire process.

“Dr. Nosti made my vision of a perfect smile for my perfect wedding become a reality. I was thrilled with the new me. My teeth looked amazing! Our wedding was beautiful and it’s a memory I will cherish forever. I love our wedding photos with my new smile. Thank you, Dr. Nosti, for making my dream wedding come true.”



“There are so many great things to say about Dr. Nosti. When I decided to get veneers, I really lucked out when I found Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry. In my eyes I have always had a good dentist, but when I started going to Dr. Nosti he took the level of care to a whole new level.

“He is not only meticulous with his work but really strives to make his patients happy. He is compassionate, patient, accommodating with scheduling, and provides excellent care. To top it off, the dental hygienists and office staff are also friendly and compassionate about what they do. If you want the best care in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment, go to Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry!! You will not regret it and wish you started there sooner.”




“At first, I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of making such a permanent change, but when Dr. Nosti explained to me the condition my teeth were in, I accepted. The whole experience was very emotional for me but the doctors and staff were very supportive throughout the whole process. Once completed, I was still learning about how they would look. Today I am very happy with how they look and get compliments all the time. The staff is friendly and personable, and understands the emotional aspect of such a change.”




“The selection of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry for my dental work was one of the best decisions I ever made.

“From my first visit, Dr. Nosti made me feel very much at ease. He was very responsive to my personal dental situation, explained my treatment plan in detail and listened to all of my concerns. I was able to overcome my severe dental phobia due to the way I was treated at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry. Dr. Nosti is a highly skilled professional and a friendly, caring doctor.

George_teeth“The support staff is great. They are helpful and friendly and always make you feel comfortable. Can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with the results of Dr. Nosti’s work. I highly recommend his practice for any routine and advanced dental work. He gave me my smile and self-confidence back.”



Joan, Dental Assistant

“Dr. Nosti by far exceeds his reputation. Through my entire teenage and adult life up until now, I was completely self-conscious about my smile. I never felt comfortable enough to smile big or laugh hard because I always felt like I was being criticized; and for the most part, I was.

Joan_teeth“Being a dental assistant myself, I’ve been privileged to the inside world of dentistry. I have witnessed many different doctors and techniques. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Then I saw the great when I viewed Dr. Nosti’s work. I made the hour and a half trip to and from his office and it was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I got my Hollywood smile without it looking too Hollywood since it looks completely natural. I now have this newly found certainty that I never thought I would ever find. So to you, Dr. Nosti, I thank you for making my dream come true!”




“My experience has been great. I had a cleaning and they were very personable and caring. Everyone is very welcoming and happy and now I have healthier teeth and gums.”



“I cannot thank you and your staff enough for helping me become a beautiful and confident bride on my wedding day! All of my friends and family were overwhelmed with my beautiful smile. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for being so courteous, flexible and professional through the entire process.”natasha-teeth-test



“Dear Dr. Noveck, I just wanted to give you a sincere thanks for the great service and professionalism you and your staff have provided me over the years. Having extensive work on my front teeth has enabled me to have renewed confidence in my career field which involves a lot of public speaking. I have received many compliments on my ‘great smile’ wherever I go.”wilbur-teeth-test



“Milt, I simply can’t thank you enough for my new healthy smile. You are a true artisan. For many, many years I would never smile. I now have a wonderful, bright smile along with a true sense of self-confidence.”


daniel testimonial“Over the past decade, whenever I required a visit to the dentist, it often cost me hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars to correct my dental issues. I came to the conclusion that there was no hope in site to remedy my immediate concerns, the time had come for me to seek out a professional and reputable Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry that could advise and assist with my deteriorating oral matters. After numerous inquiries and extensive research, my findings were conclusive, Dr. Milton D. Noveck DMD of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry was the most qualified individual for all my dental requirements.

“Upon initial consultation and evaluation, Dr. Noveck patiently took his valuable time to review in detail all my possible options. He methodically reviewed all my alternatives, carefully explaining them in terminology that was easy to understand, additionally he reviewed information regarding financial choices for each case scenario. Being a professional chef, the Implant Option was the best course of action to take for treatment.

“During the implant process, the extremely courteous and experienced staff of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry did everything possible to make my dental experience a pleasant and memorable one. The staff even called me at my residence on several occasions to obtain information on my wellbeing after certain procedures.

“Dr. Noveck and his staff are very well versed in all the latest dental techniques and his office/lab are equipped with the most current technology available.

daniel before and after“With enthusiasm and sincerity, I thank Dr. Noveck and his associates for providing me with the best smile of my lifetime.

“Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry definitely rates Five Stars”

— Daniel

alexandra testimonialI’ve been a patient of Dr. Noveck’s since I was only eight years old. Since my adult teeth arrived with no enamel, my parents thought it would be best to visit a more advanced dentist. I am glad they made this choice. Dr. Noveck and his staff guided me through years of bonding and cleanings. They always made me feel comfortable and at home whenever I was in the office.

I was always extremely conscious of my smile, due to the lack of enamel, which always was slightly discolored. Dr. Noveck set me up with bonding my top teeth. After years of bonding, braces, multiple gum surgeries and waiting for my jaw to finish growing, we were ready to do a more permanent solution. Dr. Noveck fixed my smile with 10 porcelain veneers on both the top and bottoms. He worked around my busy senior year schedule to get them finished just in time for my senior prom and graduation!

I haven’t stopped smiling since, and probably won’t for a long time.That is all thanks to Dr. Noveck and his wonderful staff.

— Alexandra

before and after

galinaAfter our last appointment, I was compelled to write you this thank you letter.

I’ve had a good fortune finding you, after all that happened to me. I’m an old enough to say that I say in many dental chairs over the time… so, this experience gives me depth in comparing other with your work. Dr. Noveck, you’re and excellent dentist, who finds pride in a work done right. Without hesitation, I would say that only dentists like yourself should be in practice of caring for anyone’s teeth!

Bite adjustment was nothing short of miraculous for me. I was suffering so much from pain chewing, which has vanished since you stabilized me bite. Such a huge relief! The quality of your work overall is spectacular!

I’m still impressed with the crown replacement done by you. The crowns, that you so expertly placed in my mouth look beautiful and feel great! And a perfect fit on the first insertion! What more can anyone ask for? Any patient of yours’ll benefit tremendously from the finest dental work you provide. Thanks for maintaining the highest level of dental care for us, your loyal patients.

— Galina

galina before and after

denise testimonialI am so excited to finally smile in public again! Thanks to Dr. Noveck, this is possible. I have beautiful white, straight teeth thanks to the porcelain veneers that Dr. Noveck so skillfully applied! I was always smiling so no one would see my teeth. The time and money was well worth the investment in the outcome! The staff at Advanced Cosmetic and Dentistry is phenomenal! Debbie and Julie work as hard as the doctor to make you feel comfortable and confident. I have a nicer smile now than I ever dreamed was possible. Thanks to Dr. Noveck and his staff! This was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Thanks to All

— Denise

denise before and after


I had a good dentist. He tried very hard to save my teeth (too hard, it turns out). I ended up going to the periodontist who had done two implants for me a decade earlier. His reaction to the dental work I had experienced led me to ask him if there was a dentist he would like me to see. He told me about a dentist he worked very closely with on difficult, complicated and/or extensive oral projects. In late June of 2015, he pulled four of my teeth (the most decrepit ones) for the sake of my overall health, and set me up with Dr. Noveck.

Between the two of them, they worked extensively to formulate a plan to alleviate the pain and discomfort I was suffering and to rebuild my mouth. After they created a full dossier of x-rays and cat scans, the three of us met. I was a little shocked, to say the least, when they informed me that I would only be keeping five of my teeth (it later become only four, but big deal, right?) They presented me with three plans for replacing my teeth that ranged from simple dentures to implants with removable prostheses and then, the most labor intensive plan, which was implants with permanently mounted prostheses and crowns for my remaining teeth. I decided to go with the latter of these plans which became known to me as “major oral reconstruction”. With Dr. Noveck, my periodontist and their respective staffs, I now had a dental team.

david-teethThe plan was to do a series of extractions and implants in such a way that I would have temporary teeth throughout most of the process that was to take 18 months or more to complete. At the end of this time I would I would have crowns on my four remaining teeth, a total of eleven implants and four prosthetics attached to the implants. In spite of having the plans laid out in front of me, I still wasn’t totally sure what I was in for, but I thought that up to two years of misery would be a small sacrifice to make considering what I was going to end up with.

The real work started in November of 2015, less than two months after my first visit with Dr. Noveck. Teeth came out, implants went in and temporaries were placed. Temporaries were replaced with permanent pieces, more teeth were pulled, more implants were placed, as well as temporaries, then temporaries were replaced with more temporaries. The plan was changed as needed and as time went on I grew to believe that there was nothing that could happen that couldn’t be overcome.

As the plan was executed and work progressed, I got to know Dr. Noveck, his assistant Julie, his wife Lisa and the office manager Debbie. I hadn’t even realized until then that having such intelligent, professional, caring and likable people on ‘my team’ was going have such a positive impact on my overall experience. I was actually enjoying the time I got to spend with them. What could have been a most horrific experience was turning into an enjoyable one, in spite of the reason why I was there.

The work was completed a mere 13 months after my first visit with Dr. Noveck. I look back on the last year and a half, since the first teeth were pulled, and I remember very little pain. I most certainly don’t remember anything that could be considered misery and now I have the ability to chew my food and a better smile than I could have dreamt possible.

— David

marge-testimonial-largeI am so thrilled with the results achieved by Dr. Noveck- they are simply amazing!

The hardest part was for me to learn how to smile again-  I kept my mouth closed before the surgery.

But now I smile all the time-  He is like a Michaelangelo of costmetic dentistry.  And his entire staff is so competent, intelligent and approachable.

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Noveck and give him permission to give out my number if you wish to speak live.

Worth the time and investment!marge-testi



“Clearly I’m not in the the minority when I say I’ve always hated going to the dentist. I’ve been to several throughout my 45 years and I can say wholeheartedly that Dr Noveck has completely changed my views and has no doubt changed my life for the better.

“When I was in college I had two of my front teeth broken. One down to the gum and other just partially. Twice, and by two different dentists about 10 years apart they were capped. Both times it was obvious to everyone I talked to as soon as I smiled. I wanted to do something about it but didn’t even know where to begin based on my past experiences. Finally, after feeling a nagging pain that was unrelated to the front teeth I emailed Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry for a consultation. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

glia-teeth“Dr Noveck is extraordinary. Obviously I had work that needed to be completed before I could begin the process of fixing my smile. He simplified everything and broke it all down from the fillings to the veneers…what needed to be done to achieve my goal, and what it would cost. He worked around my schedule, and though the entire process never judged or made me feel uncomfortable. He and Julie, his assistant, are true professionals that meticulously made certain that I was 100% satisfied. I can’t emphasize enough how positive my experience has been and how warm and inviting the entire staff is at ACGD.”


NBA Player Dennis Horner

“I was always self-conscious about my smile, and being a professional athlete I never had the time to fix it. When I returned home from playing basketball in Germany, I was committed to finally fixing the smile I used to always hide. I was lucky and thankful to find a cosmetic dentist who was just as committed as I was! Dr. Noveck and his staff worked tirelessly (through their off days and lunch breaks) in order to complete my perfect smile in just one month. Booking special appointments and working with my demanding schedule was something I really appreciated. Along with their hardworking demeanor, Dr. Noveck and his staff were friendly, personable and genuine. I spent years dodging pictures and hiding my smile, and I now have the smile I have always dreamed of.”


Dr. Ciccariello

“I had always been self-conscious about my teeth and smile, but never made it a priority until recently to finally do something about it. During my initial consultation with Dr. Noveck, he took the time fully explain my options and developed a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan for me that included implants, crowns, and restoration of worn down teeth. I found Dr. Noveck to be professional, knowledgeable, flexible and attentive to every detail throughout the process. His entire staff is friendly, supportive and accommodating in scheduling appointments. Due to Dr. Noveck, at almost 58 years old I now have a “perfect smile.” I can’t believe the number of compliments I have received from family members and friends. Thank you, Dr. Noveck”



“Over my lifetime I have spent a lot of time in the dental chair. However, I was not proud of my smile, I often hid from the camera and I had difficulty chewing. This was before I met Dr. Noveck and his team of specialists. Thanks to his thorough treatment planning, technical ability and aesthetic expertise, I now have a beautiful new smile – one that I am extremely proud of!

Right from my first meeting with Dr. Noveck to discuss the process, I knew this experience would be different. During each of the visits that would lead me to this wonderful day Dr. Noveck, his assistant Julie, and his support staff were always professional, kind and patient. They were very accommodating and considerate of my work schedule and respectful of my time. During treatment, Dr. Noveck and Julie kept me relaxed and comfortable.

I greatly appreciate the time Dr. Noveck spends with his patients. Before and after each appointment, Dr. Noveck always took time to ask if I had any questions and to explain what had been accomplished and what he planned to complete at my next visit.

After the years of less than ideal dentistry, my reconstruction using multiple upper and lower implants, was to be involved and challenging. Despite where I was, Dr. Noveck had a clear plan for my course of treatment and was able to communicate with me so that together, we could set expectations from the start.

My corrected bite and beautifully fitting teeth now allow me to chew uniformly and enjoy food again, something I have not been able to do in many years. Words alone can not express how happy I am with my new smile, moreover I receive compliments almost daily on it.

Thank you Dr. Noveck, you are a true artist of dentistry!!”


“I was in need of complete upper and lower dentures. Being relatively new to the area I really didn’t know where to begin. I made the unfortunate mistake of falling for a pitch for immediate dentures from another local provider. The result was terrible. I had ill-fitting upper dentures and lower dentures that were useless. All this after spending over $4000.

“After doing some more research I found Dr. Noveck. I made an appointment to get an opinion on my current situation. Dr. Noveck affirmed what I already suspected. The dentures I had were not as functional as they should have been. We also discussed implant supported lower dentures. I decided to go with the implants and have Dr. Noveck do the work on a complete new set of dentures. He recommended an implant specialist and I began the process.

“I was amazed at the attention to detail. The fitting process was very high tech. This was night and day compared to my previous experience. Everything about Dr. Noveck and his entire staff was first class. I can’t say enough about how pleased I was.

“The end result is I now have beautiful fully functional teeth that look natural. I can eat anything. I can go to restaurants and enjoy good food without the fear of being embarrassed. It truly has been life changing.

“Thank you, Dr. Noveck, for improving my appearance and my quality of life!”


Maria & Steve

“I had been very unhappy with my smile for many years. I went to my dentist on a regular basis and I had a lot of dental work done over the years. It all looked unnatural and a lot of the crowns and bonding I had were bulky, dark and discolored, and nothing seemed to match! I just wanted nice white teeth that looked natural where everything was the same shade. I wanted to be able to smile without being self-conscious about my smile.


steve-teeth-test“The more I asked around, the more I kept hearing about Dr. Noveck. Then I discovered that a very close friend of mine was a long-time patient of Dr. Noveck. When I told her what I was looking for, she told me I had to go see him. She told me that he was so meticulous and his work was so beautiful and that I would love his office staff because everybody is so friendly.”I didn’t know what to do because I wasn’t confident that my dentist could give me the smile that I wanted. I started asking people if they knew any dentists in our area that were capable of complete smile makeovers or reconstruction-type dental work. I was hoping to find somebody who had a lot of experience doing this kind of dentistry and of course I wanted somebody who could do excellent work.


maria-teeth-test“I made the appointment and I am so grateful and so thrilled that I did. From the minute I arrived in Dr. Noveck’s office I knew I made the right choice. The staff was very warm and friendly. Dr. Noveck listened to all of my concerns and spent a lot of time with me explaining what needed to be done. He also showed me many before-and-after pictures of patients who he has treated.

“I completed treatment of all my upper teeth several months ago. I am so happy. I love how it all looks and I can’t stop smiling. Everybody tells me how great I look and that I look younger. I’m planning on doing my lower teeth in the near future.

“Something I did not expect to happen is that when my husband Steve saw what Dr. Noveck did for me, he decided he wanted to fix his teeth also. His teeth had worn down over the years and became very short. He was not happy with his smile either but never really complained about it. He wasn’t looking for bright, white teeth. He just wanted them to look natural and he wanted them not to be so short and worn down.

“He had it done and all I can say is that he is just as thrilled as I am. Not only that, but he feels like his bite is much more even and comfortable now. He and I were so impressed by how meticulous Dr. Noveck is. We both have gotten so many compliments from our friends and family.

“We both want to thank Dr. Noveck and his staff for all the great care we have received and encourage anyone looking for great cosmetic or comprehensive dental work to make an appointment with Dr. Noveck.”



“I was seeking a cosmetic dentist and Dr. Noveck was highly recommended. When I met Dr. Noveck, I had been through treatment for my front teeth that had been seriously damaged due to an accident. Dr. Noveck reassured me that he could restore my teeth and it was great knowing that I would end up with a smile that I could feel good about. Using photos of his other patients, he showed me what he could do for me. This made me feel confident that he would be a dentist who I could trust to do a good job. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Noveck and his staff were extremely professional and friendly.

liz-teeth-test“The end result was amazing, my teeth look great. I was so pleased with my treatment that I have recommended several friends and my family to also become patients of Dr. Noveck. Dr. Noveck is extremely professional, compassionate and a skilled artist. Everyone here is friendly, professional and makes me feel comfortable. Also, the up-to-date technology is impressive, my smile is back, and I am able to take a bite out of food with confidence and without pain.”



“Many years ago, I saw an advertisement stating, ‘We cater to cowards’ and made an appointment with Dr. Steve Katz and was sold for life. From the moment I entered the office, there was a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism displayed from the receptionist, to the hygienist, to the treating dentist. Billing and services are carefully explained both before and after the procedure. All work appears natural and not cosmetically fake. Maintenance of teeth are explained with follow-up care options, both in the short and long-term basis.

frank-teeth-testIn my opinion, having top-notch care from Advanced Cosmetics & General Dentistry gives me peace of mind that I can smile without hesitation or fear of teeth in need of repair. Dr. Noveck conducts himself in a very professional manner geared towards patient satisfaction. The greatest dental benefit a person can receive is the compliment of a beautiful smile and beautiful teeth. When someone wants to know who my dentist is, Dr. Noveck gets the credit.”



al-teeth-test“I partially cracked my two front teeth as a boy and had several porcelain caps throughout my adult life. There were issues with improper sizing, discoloration, and tooth backing showing. As I aged, my other teeth darkened as well. I refrained from smiling to avoid an unattractive tooth being exposed. Once retired, I had a bucket list item to improve my smile. Dr. Noveck did a detailed analysis, offered options and executed the final procedure in a timely fashion. His follow up to detail is noteworthy. I smile often, receive compliments regarding my smile and feel the effort was very worthwhile. The staff was supportive during my visits to the practice. I highly recommend Dr. Noveck for his expertise.”



“Enhancing my smile with porcelain veneers was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Dr. Noveck is extremely knowledgeable, professional and meticulous. The procedure was painless and the quality of work was perfect. The staff is very friendly, professional and efficient. Because of my beautiful smile I am no longer self-conscious about my appearance.”laura-teeth-test



“I work in the arts and, as such, find myself constantly addressing a class or committee, a cast or audience, speaking in public, putting my face…and smile out front. Dr. Noveck has enhanced my professional appearances by improving my appearance professionally. Milt, take a bow.”



“I was very pleased with the outcome of my smile reconstruction. Dr. Noveck is both a great dentist and a talented craftsman. I am constantly in the public eye on TV and in meetings and conferences. Nothing is more important than a good smile. Now I am proud of mine. Dr. Noveck also solved a grinding problem by correcting my bite. Thank you Dr. Noveck. Warm and friendly staff and they call ahead to remind me of my appointment. Dr. Noveck is a real professional and a perfectionist.”



John, Regional Vice President, ISS Facility Services

“I was preparing to leave the country for a major business opportunity and wanted to have cosmetic dental work done right away. After being told by several people that for the best cosmetic work I would need to go to NYC, and since my trip was fast approaching, I decided to check out Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Linwood for a consultation. I quickly realized after my consultation with Dr. Noveck that I ‘came to the right place.’ In a couple of weeks, I walked out of AC&GD with a full set of porcelain veneers that were beyond my expectations. When someone comments on my smile now, I tell them there’s no need to travel to the ‘Big Apple.’ Just go see Dr. Noveck and his team of professionals at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry. By the way, I not only made my trip abroad in time, but also closed on one of my biggest projects thanks to them.”john-teeth-test



“I had terrible problems with my teeth, until Dr. Noveck came to the rescue. Then my dental nightmare evolved into a ‘Hollywood smile.’ The crowns and bridgework that Dr. Noveck created for me is so natural looking that no one guesses my front teeth are not my own, or that I have anything but perfect teeth. And, best of all, I can chew without pain. My only regret is that I didn’t have my cosmetic dental work done years earlier.”marilyn-teeth-test

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