New Patient Exams in Mays Landing & Linwood, NJ

New Patient Exam - Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Thorough exams and accurate diagnoses

Our doctors conduct very thorough examinations in order to give patients an accurate treatment plan, with options.

Full-mouth X-rays

Patients get a series of full-mouth X-rays, as needed, using our low-radiation digital X-ray equipment.

Intraoral photography

In some cases we take photos of the inside of your mouth using an intraoral camera. This helps you and us see exactly what is going on.

  • New Patient Exam - Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

    We use low-radiation digital X-rays.

  • New Patient Exam - Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

    An intraoral camera lets you see what we see.

External photography

Dr. John Nosti takes digital photographs of patients for their smile makeover.

We use external photographs to help plan cosmetic procedures and dental rehabilitation.

For patients interested in smile makeover or dental rehabilitation, we’ll take digital photos of your face and profile, and of your mouth and teeth.

Review of dental and medical history

Patients fill out a health questionnaire and the doctor reviews this, your medical history and dental history.


The doctor will discuss any concerns with you, go over your health history and previous dental experiences, and what you would like to change about your smile.

Oral exam

An inspection of the inside of the mouth for the condition of your teeth plus examining your gums for disease.

TMJ exam

New Patient Exam - Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

The JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) helps Dr. Nosti evaluate a jaw’s health.

The doctor checks your TMJ (jaw joint) for any problems. For some cases the doctor will check your TMJ function with the Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA). By measuring the vibrations of the jaw upon opening and closing it, the JVA records if there is any excess friction your joint is producing, indicating non-optimal jaw function.

Bite check

The bite is how your teeth come together and is an important part of the proper oral function. Problems with the bite can cause jaw joint pain or difficulty chewing. The doctors use the T-Scan® to measure the bite forces and detect misaligned bites.

Oral cancer screening

A check for any lesions that could become a problem.

Treatment planning

The doctor goes over the results of your exam and X-rays and explains the different options for improving your teeth and oral health and the costs of each. He will answer any questions you have and advice you on the best route to take.

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